Charles Miller Ltd. is pleased to offer valuation advice to meet your requirements. Valuations for sale are free and can either be carried out at your premises or in the saleroom by appointment.

Where a visit is not practical, valuations can also be carried out via photographs – either posted, or emailed to: - Please try to avoid file sizes over 1mb and ensure that images are well focused and are complete with scales and sizes as appropriate. If sending images of a model please send an overall image and further details of the bow, stern, deck, rigging and any interesting carving or inscriptions. If the materials used in construction are known, or any provenance or history, please specify.

Valuations for insurance are also available and will be charged depending on the time taken to produce them – please contact us to discuss in detail. If the items are offered for sale with us within a year of completion, these costs will be refunded.

We welcome all enquiries

We are always pleased to give our opinion on the market value of your property, without any commitment on your part.

In the first instance please email us a clear image and as much information as you can provide about the item including its condition, size and provenance if available.